WARNING: This product contains tobacco free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.






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As the popularity of puff bars continues to rise, we offer the best-in-class collection of puff devices that you could ask for.

Why Are Space Max Products So Unique?

Light, portable and compact, find our bestselling vapes online at affordable prices!

Puff bars from Space Max are innovative specialties as they can be disposed of easily after one-time use. They come in different flavors of jumbo packs of 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 puffs. They can be found in a pack where each system is attached with a tank pre-filled with e-juice, and a completely charged battery.

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Our Story

As top online vape dealers, we care for your needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our team at Space Max has designed these puff bars taking into account your preferences and ease of use. We believe in offering unparallel experiences that leave a long-lasting memory. Hope you enjoy your vaping experience to the fullest!

For any queries, suggestions, or a friendly chat, we are always available. We are also open to vendor reselling and wholesale inquiries. Do reach out to us via the form provided. We will get back to you.

How do I use the Space Max Puff bars?

Just open the box, take out the bar and smoke it. It’s as easy as can be!

These are one-time usable bars that you can discard when the battery or the e-juice gets consumed. Remember those conventional gadgets that had to be refilled periodically?

Space Max puff bars are disposable, one-time-use bars that take away the hassle of messy refilling. Currently the hottest vaping gadget in the market, they are pre-charged, draw-activated, and require no maintenance. And when it comes to quality, we take no chances. You can enjoy your puff, while we have got you covered.

Closely resembling a USB Flash drive, a disposable puff bar from Space Max is a portable, pocket-friendly vaping gadget. Vape gadgets are usually in the form of a vaporizer that is used to inhale nicotine. Nicotine is the key ingredient in cigarettes. Vaping is a better option than cigarettes and you ingest lower toxic chemicals, unlike smoking, which has been proven time and again to be hazardous to one’s health.

The term vape is interchangeably used for a vaporizer, e-cigarette, or e-vaporizer.

The earlier generation of e-cigarettes could irritate the throat and lungs. These puff bars use nicotine salts, a formulation that allows smooth delivery of nicotine with less irritation. Nicotine strength can be as high as 5% in Puff Bars, just like JUUL. Available in a plethora of attractive flavors ranging from oat pudding, watermelon bubblegum, pink lemonade, red love, kiwi dragon, mango ice, jungle juice, and much more, the youth today like their vapes flavorful and tasty.

The puff bar is an improvised vape device. It is draw activated that heats or atomizes the e-liquid, transforming it into vapor. For maximum impact, inhale the vapor slowly through the mouthpiece, one puff at a time. And then slowly, exhale. After about 30 minutes of doing the above process until you can feel the pleasurable nicotine hit, the optimal impact of drawing the vapor puffs.

Traditional cigarette takes just 8 seconds to provide this ‘high’. It takes a bit longer with a vaping device, but don’t worry, you will get accustomed to it.

The liquid combination included in the puff bar is made up of 5% nicotine, along with flavoring and other legitimate chemicals that make vaping an enjoyable and effortless experience. The vape consists of medical-grade cotton and a storage tank that stores e-liquid and a pre-charged battery.

A Space Max puff bar is a pre-designed smoking system. You do not need to refill or charge it. When the e-juice completely dries up or the battery dies, you can dispose of it away.

They are four significant components integrated into e-liquids are:

  • Pure nicotine
  • Flavoring
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Propylene glycol

VG and PG are chemicals that are essential for creating vapor. Although the VG might sometimes be wonderful, these components generally do not have any flavor. Hazardous chemicals namely tar and carbon monoxide generally found in cigarettes are not included in smoke bar e-liquids. The primary debate advocating vaping devices is that it offers the satisfying nicotine hit while doing away with harmful smoking chemicals.

Our Yummilious e-juices

The e-juice or e-liquid contained in the puff bar storage tank is exchanged for vapor. Different risk-free flavors are added to this e-juice, providing you with a flavor-packed and exhilarating experience. exciting flavors are a special attraction to the youth.  97% of all youth who vape use flavored e-cigarettes.

Top 5 reasons why our customers love Space Max disposable vape

Simple and easy to use

Portable, handy, and travel-friendly

Hygienic leaves no unpleasant odors


Ready-to-use, no maintenance required

Why is Space Max Products special?

Puff bars have a very simple design that makes them very easy to use. They come in attractive packaging. However, what lures you is the wide variety of flavors that have the power to leave you with a sensational vibe. When you breathe in a smoke bar, you need to understand that it is a more exciting way of satisfying your nicotine cravings. Using a vape is very different from smoking and you have to understand that you cannot use one like the other.

First of all, get used to vaping. The impact of the nicotine will set in slowly, and it will take some time before you get used to it. You must steer clear of taking quick and brief drags with Space Max 4000 Puffs. These hasty drags will spoil your fun, with e-liquid leaking into your mouth. Do not indulge in chain vaping as well, but rather take only 3 to 7 puffs at a go. This will also prevent your smoke bar from overheating. Give it time to cool down before you resume usage.

3 Simple steps to create an elevated experience with Space Max 4000 Puffs, 5000 puffs, and 6000 puffs


Inhale your vape slowly and easily. Draw the gadget sluggishly and constantly till you can feel the vapors load your mouth. Unlike smoking, do not draw the vapors down your lungs as you inhale a puff. Yes, here lies a major difference between the two mechanisms. You will still feel the full impact of the process- high and relaxing!

Holding and Exhaling

Before drawing in the vapors, hold them for a period of 3 to 5 seconds in your mouth. Then can you better inhale or else exhale it? With vaping, pure nicotine is absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth,  whereas with smoking, it is done so in the lungs.

Wait for a while

After about 30 minutes of inhaling a puff bar, you will start getting the optimal effects of pure nicotine, also known as the pleasurable pure nicotine hit. Prime your atomizer by warming it up before using your puff bar. The coils need to be heated up. This is a great mechanism for developing powerful and flavorful hits.

Let's check out the advantages of using Space Max 4000 puffs, 5000 puffs, 6000 puffs, and 4500 puffs vaping vapes

From their bulky original designs, vapes have come a long way. The disposable e-cigarette is a trendy piece and very handy compared to the original vape that first brought vaping to the masses almost twenty years ago: the disposable e-cigarette. With sleek designs that do not need refilling, our vapes are easy to carry in your pockets, and you just have to dispose of them off then the battery dies or the juices dry up. It’s as simple as can be. The biggest reason why Space Max products are so popular with today’s youth is owing to the vape’s core feature: simplistic designs.

New Age vapes from Space Max are also called ‘smoke bars’. They offer an interesting as well as a mouthwatering way to satisfy nicotine cravings. To top it all, you do not have to face the difficulty associated with manual kinds of vape sets.

Bygone are the days when you had to undertake the Hercules task of refilling a vape before use. Also, disposable puff provides one of the safest methods for vaping.

Numerous brands market the compact size of their vapes, but Space Max delivers. Our disposable smoke bar packing is one of the most performance-oriented designing fit into a small vaping vessel. Puff bars from Space Max are aesthetically designed, typically no bigger than a lipstick or cigarette lighter, implying they can travel in any kind of pocket or area.

Disposable smoke bars are marvelous pieces of design. While traditional cigarettes and tobacco can cause concern and raise eyebrows in a social gathering, puff bars are highly sophisticated gadgets. Disposable smoke bars emit minimal vapor compared to various other vapes, since their battery fires at reduced wattage. This makes Space Max Bars discreet and inconspicuous in comparison to higher-powered vape sets.

Of course, we cannot ignore the incredible array of flavors that Space Max vapes offer. We have all your favorites like black Ice, jungle Juice, Fresh Mint, and many others.

From minty delights to fruit punch or the exciting bubblegum, there are flavors for the love-stricken souls too.

Puff bars are a cost-effective and safer method of learning to vape for newbies. Youths prefer puff bars as they have a basic design that is easy to use. Puff bars open you up to a world of trial and error where you can easily switch one flavor to another until you discover the flavor of your liking.

Our Mission

We are constantly testing, improvising, and innovating new products for you. At SpaceMax, we believe in creating experiences. Your first vape, the first puff bar, the hitch, and the ecstasy, are life-changing moments. Space Max disposable vapes are available in premium flavors to elevate life’s greatest moments. We wanted to give our consumers the best choice on the market. And in this endeavor, Space Max was born. A leading designer and innovator in vape devices, disposable vape cartridges, and adult vapers, we pride ourselves on raising the bar.  We will always keep our commitment of providing you with only the best.

Tobacco Free-Better Flavor, Better Experience

Our premium quality, Space Max nicotine-based products are crafted with tobacco-free nicotine. Our nicotine-based products are crafted with our very own patented process. We first derive tasteless, odorless nicotine without the residual impurities of tobacco-derived nicotine. This is the secret behind our spectacular flavors. All this and more,  while still maintaining the same ‘ hit experience’ smokers are seeking from their nicotine.

We deal in a complete range of vapes by Space Max, Posh plus vapes, and a few other varieties. Vape sellers, distributors, and vape dealers are invited for reselling and wholesale inquiries. You can check out different Space Max products at spacemaxofficial.com

WARNING: SPACE products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, condition, or disorder and are not smoking cessation or nicotine replacement therapy products. The FDA has not reviewed these products, nor has it evaluated their safety or any of the statements made regarding these products. SPACE products contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance, and are intended to be used only by adults at least 21 years of age who use combustible cigarettes or other tobacco or nicotine vaping products. Do not use SAPCE products if you are pregnant or nursing, if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, liver or kidney disease, throat disease, asthma, or difficulty breathing. Do not use SAPCE products if you are taking theophylline, ropinirole, or clozapine. As with other nicotine products, use of SPACE products can increase your heart rate and blood pressure and may cause nausea or dizziness or aggravate existing respiratory conditions. Use of SPACE products may expose you to certain chemicals identified as harmful and/or carcinogenic, including aldehydes, volatile organic compounds, and metals.

WARNING: SPACE products can expose you to chemicals including glycidol, which is known to the States of California to cause cancer, and nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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